How to choose the best dash camera for your car?

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Did you know over 90 people are injured every single day in Australia due to car-related accidents, that is a huge amount and one not to be ignored. Due to this, it has become more popular for Australian car drivers to install a dash camera in their vehicles. They can either mount the device on the front or rear of the vehicle, sometimes even both sides, for additional safety. Dashboard cams have become an essential item in newer car models and are designed to give drivers an extra layer of protection against accidents, insurance claims, and theft. However, not all dash cameras are created equally or installed correctly. There are many different make and models of dash cams available for purchase which means there are significant differences between each one’s quality, features, aesthetic design, warranty coverage, etc. If you are looking to purchase a dash cam for your car to protect you and your family, you are in the right place. So, before you look to invest in your dash cam installation, please do consider reading this rough guide on some of the specifications that need to be addressed when purchasing. After all, you do not really want to put a price on safety, safety should always come first at no compromise.

What is a dash cam or dash camera?

A dash cam is a video camera that is mounted to the dashboard of a vehicle. It records what happens in front of the car. A dash cam is mainly used for evidence in case there is an accident or any other kind of incident while driving. They are also used to record scenic views or record people without their consent. Dash cameras are becoming more and more popular nowadays due to the rise in car-related crime. With so many false accusations and car accidents happening so regularly on a daily basis, there has never been a better time to get a dash cam, then now, especially when the technology has come a long way with more advanced features such as extra parking assistance, better resolution and WIFI connection for smartphone connectivity on the go.

Types of Dash Cameras

There is a large variety of dash cameras and often the top brands may differ from country to country, so it is always crucial that you check locally what brands are available for purchase. Some may be exclusive to certain countries, so that is always a good starting point to do your research prior to purchasing to see what options are available. In terms of dash cameras, you can select between just front facing dash cams that face the front of your vehicle, the vision you have whilst driving. Or you can have a rear camera, that shows the vision when reversing the car, but more often you would have either the front or both as the most commonly selected arrangements.

Safety is paramount to your decision, and you want the utmost security and surveillance, then it is probably best to go with both rear and forward-facing dash cams, as the cost of one will be more than double the cost of two. Speaking of surveillance, you can have your setup hardwired so that the wires are hidden, yet also connected to your power source. The benefit of this means that you are able to keep record of what happens even when the car is off. Typically, those cameras that are not hard-wired, but instead mounted to the cigarette port, will need to have the car on in order for it to operate. Yes connecting it to the cigarette port does not require a professional dash cam installation and easier to set up as a plug and play system, but you trade off the operating times of it when the car is off.


Always make sure to check the resolution technology available before you purchase any new equipment. If your footage is not of high quality it may be impossible to make out what is happening in the video record, and it would be better for you not to have one at all. Even though 4K HD resolution is not a must, it is preferable so that you can have clear results during day and night.

Night Vision

Find a dash cam installation that involves a unit with excellent night vision. We all know that driving happens during both day and night, with less visibility at night, you could easily argue that night vision is just as important as having day vision. Be sure to check the contrast-lighting specs before considering your final option.

Pricing is not always a clear depiction of the quality, but there tends to be a massive difference in comparison between cheaper makes and models to more of the higher priced units. Always do check the specifications above and if possible, using Youtube to find some footage may help you find the best one as it may give you a clearer indication of the footage quality and be able to visualize it instead. If possible, it may be better to visit your local electronic store outlet to see and test each dash camera in isolation and compare rather than online. Even though online does offer some convenience, considering that this is about safety, you probably do not want to take any shortcuts in the decision-making process.

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