GPU market reaches $ 11.8 billion, thanks to cryptos

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For the couple of months that have passed, gamers searching for graphics cards, the air surrounding them has been untainted, with a genuinely restricted accessibility or more all highly high costs. Moreover, these extravagant taxes and the expansion in shipments coherently impact the worth of the illustrations cards market: 11,8 billion dollars in the subsequent quarter. An amount lower than last quarter, notwithstanding an increment in GPU shipments up 3.4 %.

Production on the ascent for every one of the three market players

On a financial level, this addresses an expansion of 179% contrasted with a similar period the earlier year. Notwithstanding, this sum is somewhat lower than the prior quarter ($12.5 billion) despite a 3.4% increment contrasted with the principal quarter (37% YoY) in GPU shipments for the entire market. This is proof of a slight but brief decrease in duties. In particular, by and large loads of AMD GPUs developed by 2.3%, Intel’s by 3.6%, and NVIDIA’s by 3.8 %. In any case, as you’ll find in the stick chart below, the GPU market stays at generally high quality.


Intel rules the business with its GPUs

Regarding market sharing, Intel’s incorporated solutions stay a more prominent part, with a portion of 68.29 %. AMD’s iGPUs and dedicated graphics cards represent 16.48% of the market. At last, those of NVIDIA have a load of 15.43 %. Contrasted with the past quarter, AMD lost 0.17 points while Intel and NVIDIA got 0.11 and 0.06 points separately.

A total of 123 million GPUs/iGPUs were delivered during the second quarter (note that in general, dedicated graphics cards account for just 10% of this total quantity. Last quarter, for example, NVIDIA and AMD sold 11.77 million dedicated graphics cards).

Finally, as recalled in the report, two vendors, AMD and NVIDIA, currently share the market for dedicated GPUs for stationary and portable PCs, which they sell thanks to 54 AIB partners. The situation will change early next year, with the launch of Intel’s Alchemist graphics cards. These cards should logically have a little more influence on the GPU market than did the DG1.

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