What is a digital marketing campaign?

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The internet today is expanding, and the number of people using different online platforms continues to increase. The number of adults using the internet went up by 4% in 2020! Imagine the possibilities of marketing and connecting with your audience at the right time/ place that the internet offers. That’s what digital marketing is all about. So, let’s dive into the various ways and methods used in digital marketing.

Let’s begin with the popular digital marketing campaign tactics:

1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization:

This method allows website optimization to rank on the search engines above the others on the results pages. This leads to more free traffic and better selling opportunities. Blogs, websites, and infographics all benefit from SEO optimization. SEO methods used to generate website traffic include the following:

  • Off-page SEO is a focused “off the page” SEO used in website optimization. These include the backlinks and affect the ranking on the search engines. This means that the number of publishers you network with when a keyword is searched for, the website guest posts, and backlinks generate your Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) traffic and attention while deciding your ranking in the off-page SEO method.
  • On-page SEO is a optimizing the SEO to focus on the website contents and especially the “on the page” SEO content and keywords of a website. When people enter these keywords, the search engine analyzes the intent and search volume to decide the ranking, driving traffic to the higher-ranked websites from the SERPs or search engine results pages.
  • Technical SEO is an SEO type used at the website backend and page coding. Many factors like structured data, image compression, CSS file optimization, etc., that enable the loading speed of your website count as important for better ranking factor in the  Google search engine and more.

2. Content Marketing:

This method promotes and creates content used to generate traffic growth, brand awareness, lead and customer generation, etc. The popular channels that are a part of the content marketing strategy are:

  • Whitepapers, Ebooks,and similar content long-form help educate customers who visit the website. It permits the exchange of the reader’s contact information for the content available and can generate leads of clients on a buyer’s journey.
  • Blog posts are written articles that aid the demonstration of industry expertise and thus provide search traffic and converted sales leads.
  • Infographics are visual content that readers like when learning about a concept you are trying to promote sales with.

3. Social Media Marketing:

This methodology promotes your content and brand on social media outlets to drive traffic, improve brand awareness, and generate business leads. Some of the marketing channels used by social media are:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

4. PPC or Pay Per Click:

PPC drives your website traffic by paying the content’s publisher whenever your ad featured in them is clicked upon. For example, Google Ads. Other channels here are:

  • Facebook paid adswhere users pay for clicks in your business audience by customizing the image posts, videos, slideshows, etc., published by Facebook.
  • Twitter Adsis where the users pay for placing a series of ads, profile badges, tweet engagements, posts, downloads, etc., meant to convert into leads and to target specific business audiences.
  • LinkedIn sponsored messageshave users who pay to send direct messages to specific LinkedIn users based on industry and client background.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

This performance-based method of advertising permits commissions for service or brand promotions on your website. The popular channel is the YouTube Partner Program for hosting video ads.

6. Native Advertising:

This means content-based advertisements featured alongside not-paid-for content on a platform like BuzzFeed and Instagram or Facebook advertising.

7. Automated Marketing:

Some software programs automatically market the basic operations of repetitive tasks in a digital marketing campaign. Some of such tasks are:

  • Automated newsletters or emailsallow you to automatically send subscribers newsletters, emails, etc., thereby reducing/ expanding your contacts list as needed to those who want them.
  • Scheduling social media posts scheduling grows your social network, especially when you post all the time. Thus social media scheduling tools automatically allow you to concentrate on content strategy instead gainfully.
  • Workflows that are lead-nurturing workflows automate andshortens the conversion of leads using targeted content/ email when an ebook or download occurs by serious customers.
  • Campaign reporting and tracking have emails, different people, content, phone calls, web pages, and more automatically sorted, tracked for metrics of campaign success, and then reported.
  1. Email Marketing:

This is used to communicate with clients and audiences as they promote events, discounts, content, etc., to interested customers directing such traffic to the business website. The email types maybe:

  • Newsletters, blog subscriptions, or customer welcome emails
  • Follow through emails to client downloading activity
  • Loyalty programs, discounts, and holiday promotions
  • Customer nurturing handy-tips emails

9. Online PR:

This channel promotes PR efforts for your blogs, digital publications, content-based websites, etc., in the online space. Public relations of an enterprise are essential in digital marketing. The popular channels are:

  • Social media reportslike speaking to influencers and reporters of social sites will earn you media opportunities while improving press relationships.
  • Replying to online reviews means responding to the online reviews to improve your PR and brand presence while improving your brand messaging and reputation.
  • Blog and website comment engagementsare similar to responding to people, company, and content reviews and provides ample opportunity to engage with the readers, generate leads, and more.

10. Inbound Marketing:

This marketing method is where you engage with, attract, and keep customers delighted at all steps of the customer journey. Some examples are:

  • Blogging instead of using pop-up ads
  • Video marketing is used instead of commercial advertising
  • Using the email contact lists instead of spamming the emails

11. Sponsored Content:

This method promotes another company to promote or create content linked to your services or brand. For example, influencer marketing, articles and blog posts on a brand, etc.


If you are looking for professional degrees or certifications in digital marketing, you should look up Great Learning’s online digital marketing courses. What sets them apart is that the courses have an industry-relevant syllabus that focuses on mentored and industry-drawn instructor-led learning that is more practical in its outlook than rote learning.

The multi-faceted digital marketing field has become popular as a selling means since many smartphones, laptops, business systems, etc., are online more often than ever before. This has made it a choice of marketing. Digital Marketing is an upcoming, challenging field that pays well and has immense scope because who loves sales and money? Specializing in digital marketing can mean a lot of learning especially if you are a fresh graduate or working professional who wants to make a career in digital marketing.


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