Bolt Has Introduced A Women Only Category On The App But Why Are Kenyans Not Sold Into It?

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Bolt has introduced a women-only category on the app but why are Kenyans not sold into it?

Years back I did a story about a lady who had accused a Bolt driver of sexual assault and the company received a serious backlash from people. Due to the series of complaints from clients, the company has rolled out a new “women only” category on the app and though you’d think that people would be excited about the women’s only category then again it’s caused an uproar.

Recently, Bolt also started a “green” ride category where users order electric cabs.

Environmentalists may have been excited about this new venture but why are feminists not excited about this move that will probably make Bolt a safer app to use? I personally was excited when I saw this is as an option especially with the rising cases of harassment and rape cases. Now here’s the hitch that people noticed, the new bolt option for women actually costs KSh 100 more and even higher depending on where you go. The big question is, why is this new option like a favour to women? and why are we paying handsomely for it?


This new feature has been introduced after a lady called out a Bolt driver on social media for being physically harmed. Although Bolt responded favourably their new attempt to win people’s hearts back is clearly not working.

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