Harmony OS from Huawei gets an advanced feature: every other smartphone manufacturers should learn from this

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Huawei has been working on its operating system HarmonyOs such that currently, Google’s OS is a no match for this. This can be seen from the new feature that Huawei has incorporated. It is about batteries health which has been solved in all the smartphones running Harmony OS.

Information that surrounds a smartphone’s battery, especially the builts ones, is not always put into the limelight by many cellphone makers. A couple of months ago, Huawei first came up with a component that could read details of the battery and alert whenever there was a problem. Truly enough, the air was saturated with Positive Vibes. The only issue that was holding the firm was that this feature was still on a trial period. Still, today GizmoChina has reported that the part has been facilitated on its devices running Harmony Os.

There, for instance, it shows the number of limits the battery has. You can likewise peruse this worth with different Softwares. However, no one can tell whether the showed values are genuinely correct. If Huawei coordinates the actual capacity, the investigation of the battery as of now happens since the initial beginning of the cell phone, and you get the whole lifetime of the battery in the smartphone.

We are left with no words for you for both the owner and buyer of the smartphone since the batteries of many smartphones can not be replaced. Stressing out  a situation whereby fast charging is applicable can produce more effects on the battery, thus reducing its life

The whole world is waiting for the release of HarmonyOS. Huawei already supports over 100 devices. Updates are currently only available in China. If you want to use HarmonyOS in Kenya, you have to get a new product like the Huawei Watch 3 Pro (for testing) or the Huawei MatePad 11.

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