On the rise Career Fields in the Next Years

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With what happened in the last few years, finding jobs has drastically changed to adapt to the current changing nature of job market demand. Having this shift of direction, many people have thought about which career path would most likely give them a better quality of life in the future.

Here are the careers paths with high-paying salaries and exponential demand in the long term;

  • Medical Professionals
  • IT Specialists
  • Business Analysts
  • Marketing Managers

Medical Professionals

Regardless of when the pandemic ends, the ever-growing demand for medical professionals and registered nurses will naturally exist. An aging population will put healthcare workers in increasing order. Here are the various levels for entry for each healthcare job;

  1. Paramedic

They provide emergent care for patients who are injured. A critical role they play is giving people life-saving medical help such as CPRs. To be a paramedic doesn’t require a degree, but applying directly to the hospital as a trainee paramedic will give you the necessary skills to be one and, in the process, be a regular paramedic on the job. This job generates a median salary of $36,650 to $56,550.

2. Pharmacy Technician

The main job includes creating correct prescriptions for medicines, counting tablets, and weighing liquids accurately according to the doctor’s prescription. This job has low-entry qualifications as this requires pursuing an apprenticeship. In other cases, you can also take vocational certificates such as NVQs or diplomas at level 3. After acquiring such capabilities, you will be assessed in the workplace based on your customer service and teamwork as sample standards. An average salary could obtain from $34,020 to $51,960.

3. Nurses

Nurses are vital as they are the catalysts for healthcare welfare to happen. Responsibilities range from making essential treatments to assisting doctors in crucial surgeries. This type of job looks over the overall well being of a patient through conducting assessments and even talking with the patients, creates a big difference in healthcare fulfillment. Depending on the country you are in, there are various ways to become a licensed Nurse. Either you will attend university to obtain the conventional degree and take the board exam or apply for an apprenticeship in a university called a degree apprenticeship. In countries where healthcare is of premium, nurses usually earn from $60,230 to $99,570.

IT Specialists

In the shift to remote work, information technology specialists are in demand to provide operational support to various IT departments extending to users. Their primary function is to ensure that all software, servers, and networks work consistently and adequately without errors in computer-based information systems. Additionally, they design systems and assess the effectiveness of technology resources in a company.

What are the requirements to be an IT specialist?

Any IT-related course would give anyone the edge to start in being an IT specialist. Degrees like Computer Science, Informational Technology, Mathematics, Engineering, and even Statistics are fields people can focus on to be their foundation for this career. Some countries require IT certifications to allow IT specialists to work formally in corporations and organizations. In the US, there are three levels provided for the Certified IT Specialist credential to be valid. In acquiring the necessary education and qualifications, candidates should be experts in hardware and software configuration to work in servers and information security properly.

The average salary for IT specialists is from $40,500 to 80,000.

Business Analysts

In its essence, a business analyst is a concrete manifestation of being a strategic problem solver. This general function encompasses creating initiatives to improve business operations and processes, conducting research, and analyzing data revolutionizing current corporate cultures. They often work with the IT department to create improved computer systems for better optimization of work productivity and expansion of corporate operations. They can be Data Analysts, Supply Chain Analysts, Process Analysts, Business Architects, and the like.

What does it take to be one?

Since it is a general field, a minimum to be considered is a bachelor’s degree. Still, in some cases a person has no degree but has solid experience in managing businesses. Some countries allow such individuals to take master’s degrees as long as there is a proven record of their outstanding performance in facilitating and innovating business growth.

A business analyst can earn from $60,960 to $109,170.

Marketing Managers

In the last three months, the demand for Marketing Managers has significantly increased to 30.9%.  If a company is struggling with its marketing initiatives in the emerging digital marketing trend, a Marketing Manager is there to lead and influence how the brand will look in front of its target markets, which could be promoting products and services. Positioning of the brand is what allows companies to have higher product visibility and profit margins. The necessary skill sets to become an effective Marketing Manager include the following;

  1. Strong knowledge in Google analytics for web analytics
  2. Expert in Google AdWords for online advertising
  3. Expert to Master level in Microsoft Office
  4. Experience in Content Management Systems such as WordPress
  5. And lastly, Photoshop or Video editing for marketing purposes

 What makes you an adept Marketing Manager?

There is a wide array of standards to be a good candidate for being a Marketing Manager. This role is a massive team player wherein communication skills should be of top quality to engage with subordinates for a smooth work transition and instructions. As mentioned with the necessary skill sets above, if you meet most of the requirements, the chances are you are already experienced and exposed in this field.

A Marketing Manager, on average, earns from $94,186 to $144,697.

There is always a tug war between pursuing your passion and working for a job that will make you survive in the long term. The best thing about these jobs is that while they find specific skill sets, there is always a space for self-recreation in the field you belong to. You can achieve a perfect balance among the two while succeeding in life. The trend for these jobs is necessary to note because these markets have a higher likelihood of increasing your chances of materializing your dreams through stable demand in the market and exponential growth for yourself and your profession.

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