Why Is the Basic Attention Token So Important

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Considering the sheer amount of data that is exchanged on the internet daily, it’s only natural for people to become much more particular with their data and privacy, especially when major companies like Google have the power to manipulate the flow of data. While subtle and seemingly imperceptible, the truth is that users, publishers, and advertisers are all disadvantaged with the current model.

Users are bombarded with ads and trackers, while publishers and advertisers have experienced a significant decline in their ad revenues because of how companies like Google and Facebook take a hefty cut from their ad revenues. The people behind the Brave Browser and BAT have taken it upon themselves to help solve the monopoly that major companies have on data and ad revenue by leveraging blockchain technology. In many ways, the Brave Browser and its Basic Attention Token has a real potential to improve the manner in which advertisements are handled.

What Is the Brave Browser?

The Brave browser is a chromium-based browser that behaves and functions in a similar manner as other browsers, except that the Brave Browser promises users a much quicker, secure, and more rewarding browsing experience than that of its major competitors. Its core programs are:

  • Brave Ads which allows viewers to earn BAT for viewing ads. These ads are private, which means that advertisers do not know their target viewers.
  • Brave Shields which actively blocks pesky ads and trackers, thus improving the loading speeds of websites.
  • Brave Rewards which rewards content creators to earn BAT for producing quality content.

The Brave Browser delivers on its promises with flying colors, and the browser has only kept growing since it was first released.

What Is BAT?

The Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum-built token that is used to reward viewers, advertisers, and content creators. Users are given BAT when they view ads that are tailored based on the data they willingly share on the Brave browser. The BAT is split between the user and the advertiser, with the advertiser taking a bigger cut than the viewer.

The Brave rewards system enables users to tip content creators with BAT for producing high-quality content. BAT has only grown since it was first introduced into the market, and according to this Basic Attention Token price prediction, it’s only going to continue to increase in value.

Seamless Integration

While all the aforementioned features are compelling reasons to switch to Brave browser, the first barrier is that those who already have a preferred browser find it difficult to readjust to the switch to a new browser. The Brave Browser is built on Chromium, which means that the same extensions used in Google Chrome can be added onto the browser. Users can also import bookmarks from their other browsers.

Couple this with the fact that the Brave Browser has native support for a Binance widget, and you have a browser that’s incredibly attractive to crypto traders.

The Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token are the products of a near-perfect utilization of blockchain technology to decentralize a system. With the scope of Google and Facebook’s power on how information is distributed, the Brave Browser is a welcome addition to the world of tech. A silent revolution is happening, and the Brave Browser is at its forefront.

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