SWIRGE SOCIAL: The new cool thing on social media

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 Swirge social a new media platform  promises to be a one-stop shop for all social and financial activities.

Swirge social media is a decentralised social media, marketplace and payment platform. The platform asides from its decentralized social media feature, boasts of a comprehensive marketplace as well as a robust financial system all built on blockchain technology. The platform aims at putting more power and control into the hands of its users when it comes to networking as well as cryptocurrency-related decisions.

High-level Security

First up on the list of features on the Swirge platform is its top-notch security measures. Swirge platform boasts of a resolute security measure. Users need not worry about the potential loss of funds. The platform also allows for a reset of password in instances where a user can’t remember the associated account. The provision of a randomly generated private key further protects your assets from unauthorized persons.

User-Friendly Newsfeed

The social media feature of the platform is not left out; after all, nothing beats socializing and getting paid for doing it. Swirge has included the receipt of push updates on the user home page. This means users get notified of new Swerves (posts) from friends and their friends. With this, users remain updated about events around them and maintain connections with friends without losing any moment. Swirge social media provides users with a proprietary news feed of abridged posts with headlines linking to the full post.The Swirge platform also allows its users to pin select swerves of their choice to the top of the comment section. This becomes handy if you are replying to a popular opinion or question. This feature is similar to the pin feature on Twitter or YouTube.

Users can choose to receive updates on trends on the basis of preset location or simply switch to the Swirge social to monitor trends in other locations. Also, the platform’s tagmojis helps users create trends and generate buzz, awareness and increase engagement for topical issues, products or services you wish to make viral.

Easy To Use Navigation

The Swirge platform is built on a super friendly easy to use interface. New users need little or no learning curve time to fully utilize the potential of the platform. For easy interaction, it provides users with the Explore feature. This feature which operates at the Swirge Social network uses embedded algorithms to rank, sort and display trending hashtags and events that are personalized to suit individual users. The Explore page talks about topical discussions and trends on the app. Another feature worth taking note of is the poll/drag feature. This feature allows users to create and operate an e-voting process on the Swirge platform. The feature comes with a fully functioning countdown option as well as a time limit. All you have to do is set a duration you wish for the voting exercise to run and the feature takes care of the rest. To further sweeten the deal, Swirge incentivized the use of its platform. So essentially when a user creates swerves, or interact with other people’s swerves, you get rewarded with tokens.

Token price live update

Talk about socializing and keeping tabs on your favourite token prices at the same time, the Swirge platform has got it all. Users are regaled with live price updates from the comfort of their Swirge account. Swirge runs integration within its algorithm to serve up market exchange prices and rates for the top tokens available in the crypto market. This helps users in making real-time decisions when it comes to making crypto purchases or sales. To keep this feature simple, Swirge allows its users to toggle between “on/off” the displayed live crypto carousel from the settings section.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Swirge social also provides a virtual wallet that enables its users to store and manage their crypto tokens. Users get a personalized wallet address and ID upon signing up on the platform. To maintain security, users are required to verify their wallets also by providing and linking a functional email address. Swirge utilizes blockchain technology and allows its users to perform crypto-related transactions with ease. For price updates, the platform provides live updates on market prices. Users also get the value of the entire token held by them in the wallet stated in U.S. dollars. Simply swing over to the wallet dashboard to view all previous transactions as well as details relating to your crypto portfolio. An extra security measure provided by Swirge finance is its ‘Quick Response code’, also known as a QR code for every wallet on the platform. This is solely a machine-readable code that helps track every crypto-related transaction on the blockchain. The Swirge cryptocurrency wallet is one of the safest and secure digital wallets protected on the blockchain.

Swirge Stories

Swirge stories is similar to Facebook and Instagram stories where users upload short, temporary, and automatic sequences of images or videos that are presented as slides. This is one feature that users can use to connect and create engagement with friends and the audience. Swirge stories are displayed at the top left corner of the screen with images in a coloured circle. The Swirge stories are not editable once you share them except if you chose to delete them. Users can modify the settings of their stories from their dashboard.

Dark mode feature

Swirge takes into consideration your health as you use its platform. It does this by offering a night mode feature that can protect your vision from overexposure to blue light. This reduces the possibility of eye strain due to prolonged screen time. The dark mode feature on a device with OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens also helps to preserve the device’s battery life, allowing you to perform activities you enjoy most for a longer period.

What’s going on?

Share memorable moments with friends and loved ones through the “What’s going on?” feature on Swirge. You can post pictures, videos, voicenotes without disclosing your identity and also get likes and comments on your swerves. On Swirge social, users reserve the right to make “Swerves” (or, share posts) without fear of your posts being taken down. The platform also organizes your Swerves and replies into a thread, which allows you to track every conversation on raised issues.


 users are also allowed to share their earned tokens. This feature makes it possible for other Swirge users to easily reward content creators for their craftsmanship. This gives content creators the need to create unique and genuine content for their audience.

Swirge Chats

Swirge is a social media platform and hence it offers its users a messaging feature for personal communication. Sending a direct message hasn’t been this fun. Swirge messages are safeguarded with end-to-end encryption to prevent interferences from a third party.

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