Where Kinetic Typography Can Be Used? What is included in it?

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The literal meaning of kinetic typography is “The text that moves”. With the evolution of technology techniques developed which retain the attention of the viewer; kinetic typography is one of them. A moving text with different styles or highlights attracts more attention and last longer as information than normal animation, especially when you are dealing with complex information.

You would be overwhelmed if you see a lot of text on your screen but when designed properly, and harmonized with the sound or voice over and given proper animation, it would be more interesting. A very popular page on Facebook called “what if” uses the same technique.

Kinetic typography is used in various types of videos, some are discussed;

  • Lyrics Video

Have you noticed that many artists release a lyrics video, song with the text, before uploading the original video? It’s because it’s kind of promotion to their song while when you understand you can touch the feeling of words. 

You can learn that song by heart if you listen to it twice or three times thanks to kinetic typography. R.E.M was the first person who introduced the lyrics in the video after a decade it became the norm for other producers. The more visually attractive video shows the creativity of the creator. The most recent Taylor lyrical song “You need to calm down” used simple text but the colour effect was so amazing that it’s captivating. 

You may have seen many videos on the internet in which there is an addition of emojis and stickers along with the text to make it more attractive. These things are also helping in conveying the message.

  • Informational video

Most people are lazy when it comes to studying especially the present generation. This generation is used to quick and interesting information. You can make informational videos interesting by adding curiosity with the help of kinetic typography. 

With carefully tackled even complex information can be delivered and viewers listen to it carefully. These videos cover symbols, diagrams, images or text which is related to the topic. Visual charm is more interesting than simple voice over and this text can help in grasping your point more clearly. As mentioned above “What if” is one of the examples, who’s most interesting feature is kinetic typography. 

Their video is a combination of some photos and animated short clipped which are voiced over. Though the content is interesting, the voice is written in bold letters and the important points are highlighted which are focused. This amazing mixture of animated clips and texts retain the attention of the viewer up to the end.

  • Advertisement video

Companies invest millions of rupees to advertise their product and to give a powerful message they have Slogans. In this era when you skip ads as you wish, and people are busy, it’s up to the advertiser to stomp that slogan in their hearts.

 These kinds of videos are skipped or left which are boring or are just plain. If someone is spending a lot of money you are ought to give the product of that caliber. Kinetic typography can retain the interest of the viewer and the highlighted slogan will be noted and remembered by them. In each advertisement, that slogan is especially written in bold and spoken at the end of the video.

The very next thing which pops up in your mind is, where I can get my work done. Well at HOW-WOW studio, we work as a team. We have screen and scriptwriters who are passionate about writing and pick words for you. After that these words are handed to a designer who polishes these words with his animation skills.

To wrap up

 In WOW-HOW team, creating Kinetic typography that attracts viewers is also part of our work. As a team, we have a great idea of how to work creatively but the core of the message remains unchanged. Our primary target is to convey the message understandably but polishing it with our creativity.

Almost you can use typography in all kinds of niches and animation, so you can come with any plot. If you want to know what kind of typography is best for you, share more information about your company and we will help you.

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