Are you in danger? Google Pixels now can capture and distribute video to your contacts.

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While all eyes are on the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, whose leaks are heating up ahead of their announcement later this month, the Mountain View company is releasing a fresh update for its existing phones. Pixel devices now have a new function aimed to protect consumers in the event of a problem.

Google smartphones may now record a video and share it with your contacts in an emergency, danger, or aggression.

In the event of an emergency, a video recording is made.

The “Personal Safety” application, only available on Pixel, was created to assist users in emergency scenarios. In particular, it may transmit a GPS signal to your loved ones in the event of a malfunction. It can immediately dial the country’s emergency number during an assault, for example. But, thanks to a new update released at the beginning of the month, Google is taking things even further.

Version 2021.08.27 of “Personal Security,” which was discovered by the XDA Developers site, now enables the automated recording of a video sequence in the event of danger. If the user has enabled the appropriate option, it will be saved on the Google Cloud for 7 days and automatically delivered through a link to emergency contacts. Even if the Pixel is switched off or unconnected, they will be able to consult the video extract. If the phone has enough capacity, the software can also record up to 45 minutes of video at a rate of 10 megabytes per minute.

This is a function that is only available on Pixel phones.

Remember that the new feature will not work until the SOS mode has been activated. When you start the latest update, you can also set your preferences. They can also choose to automatically contact local emergency services, broadcast their geographic location to their contacts, or make an alarm sound to scare away a prospective attacker in addition to the new video recording. The latter only begins if the power button is pressed five times, following which the Pixel smartphone allows for a five-second cancellation time to allow for error.

For the record, the app also allows you to transmit personal information such as your name and surname, blood type, and allergies in the event of an accident. Even though Google had tried a feature comparable to SOS mode in one of the beta versions of Android 12, it appears to be discontinued, and Personal Security is only available on Pixel phones.

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