Instagram Started An Exclusive Test That Changes The Feature From ‘Close Friends’ To ‘Selected People’

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Instagram started an exclusive test that changes the feature from ‘close friends’ to ‘selected people’.

Most people use Stories as a place to express themselves about specific matters or to share intimate everyday moments.

Because of this, you won’t always want everyone to have access to your private life, even those marked “Selected People”. That’s why the platform will make it possible to change this listing at the time of each share.

The social network also promises to offer more flexibility in sharing stories by enabling immediate selection of who will see what.

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The “Selected People” will replace the old list named “Close Friends”.

In practice, this means that you can create one set of Stories for a wide audience, another just for their family members, one more for their co-workers and a few special ones for the college staff.

In other words, the new feature allows you to configure different “Selected People” with a blue tick next to the name, with much more flexibility and speed for targeting audiences.

Unfortunately, it’s still not possible to create multiple distribution lists, which would be a huge advance, but this flexibility will save time.

During testing, you will be able to add, remove or keep profiles in the list for each new story. Before, if you wanted to change this, you would need to cancel the publication, go to the settings and define who would be privileged to have access to more exclusive content. How to participate in the test?

To add people to the list in the traditional way, at the time of post a Story, just tap the arrow located in the lower right corner and choose “Selected People”. Then just click on the name of who will be included or uncheck it to remove privileged access — this can be done by scrolling the screen or using the search tool.

Remember that the Last changes made will be kept until there is a new edit, so if you remove or add someone to punctual content, you must remember to remove it manually afterwards.

Because it is something in the testing phase, it can take some time for people to have access and probably not everyone will.

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