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5 Blogging Techniques to Impress New Readers


Blogging is an art that drenches your energy, skills, and time to give you profits. Unfortunately, many bloggers spend hours to write a masterpiece and forget it once it pushes off the main page. Not making profits out of your old blog post is like letting thousands of dollars slip away from your hands. Valuing your old content is important because not only it took your hard work but also because it highlights the market differences like ‘then’ and ‘now’ photographs. Are you gearing up to impress new readers? Then bring old blog posts back to life.

To bring old blog posts back to life, 5 strategies that work have been listed down here.


  • Create a Tracking Report


Create a report sheet. Add a column for all URLs of your old blog posts. In the second column, enter all the publishing dates. In the third column enter the analytics of each post including the traffic, source of traffic, monthly data, and more. You can use analytical tools to create the tracking report. It consumes lesser time. Make sure to add the bounce rate of each post.


  • Create a Priority List


Not all posts are your masterpieces. Sometimes, a blog post is a masterpiece but it is unsuitable for optimizing during current time. Considering the modern trends, create a priority list of the blog posts. Pick at least 30 posts to begin with.


  • Optimize Old Posts Using Social Media Marketing


Use your established audience base to make the old posts alive. Different techniques of optimizing old posts using social media include these.

  • Associate old posts with current affairs and share the links in your social media posts.
  • Send the old posts to your subscribers as reminder of your effort in the subsequent market.
  • Recommend old posts to the readers of new posts.
  • Share the old posts on social media pages. Take feedback from your audiences. Create polls to compare the old market trends with the modern ones. Use old posts as an overview of old market trends.


  • Use Internal-Linking Strategy


Internal linking is not only a fundamental component of SEO but it is equally important for improving the experience of the blog visitors. To make your old posts alive, link them with the new posts. Secondly, link the old posts with the featured posts of your blog.


  • Modify Old Posts Using New Keywords


This strategy is a little time-consuming but it maximizes the chances of driving new leads to your old posts. Looking at the list of your priority old blog posts, create a new list of keywords. Modify the old blog posts by adding new paragraphs or sentences containing new keywords. It will optimize your old blog posts organically.

Finally, check your old blog posts and incorporate modern SEO strategies. However, while bringing old blog posts back to life with 5 strategies that work mentioned, do not forget to post the new blogs because your readers are waiting!


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