Ushahidi partners Facebook to monitor Kenya’s General Election on August 8

The crowdsourcing technology company Ushahidi has partnered with Facebook, InfoNET and The Constitution & Reform Education Consortium (CRECO) to monitor Kenya’s General Election on August 8, 2017. Using its Uchaguzi platform, Ushahidi... Read more »

Breaking: Ushahidi Fires Executive Director Accused of Sexual Harassment

Companies are expected to take swift action when an employee accuses a top executive of sexual harassment. This is a serious allegation. But for Ushahidi, their response was quite slow, reluctant and laggard... Read more »

Ushahidi confirms sexual harassment claims, taking its time to investigate

In an unsigned statement from Ushahidi, the firm  says it’s fully aware of the alleged sexual harassment claim and is investigating the matter to make sure both parties are heard and then... Read more »

Accused Ushahidi executive was once accused of online harassment more than ten years ago

Old and forgotten Internet archives from Mashada, a web forum run by David Kobia, an Ushahidi co-founder and board member show what could have been a bitter exchange between an unamed Kenyan... Read more »

Kenya’s Ushahidi reportedly protecting its senior executive accused of sexual harassment

For a company helping other people and organizations report incidents of violence, harassment and crime, it could be so ironical that Ushahidi is mum about internal cases of alleged sexual harassment by... Read more »

Kenya’s Ushahidi launches a platform to monitor US elections

Kenya’s Ushahidi has launched a platform to monitor the ongoing US presidential elections pitting Hillary Clinton of the Democratic party and controversial businessman Donald Trump from the Republican party as the main... Read more »

Ushahidi wins Classy Award for Social Innovation

Kenya’s Ushahidi, the builder of open source software for the advocacy, development, and humanitarian sectors has won a Classy Award at’s finalist ceremony Thursday, June 16 as a changemaker addressing some... Read more »