Struggling Rocket Internet’s Jumia Market Calls it a Day in Nigeria, Kenya & across Africa

UPDATED: Rocket Internet’s online marketplace Jumia Market has called it a day and is no longer accepting new inventory in both Nigeria, Kenya and various other markets across Africa after trying its... Read more »

Why Kenya’s bribery reporting site IPaid a Bribe died just like that

Founded and operated by Wamani Trust, Kenya’s was a bribery monitoring and reporting platform allowing people in Kenya from all walks of life to report bribery and corruption instances for free... Read more »

What killed Nigeria’s dating site Linda & What you can learn from its untimely death

Launched by ex-Carmudi Nigeria employees,, was a dating site which expected to make it easy for singles in Nigeria to find and date other singles easily conveniently and lead to long-term... Read more »

Nation Media Group’s Nation Hela calls it a day after a miserable three-year run

Nation Media Group’s debit card, National Hela, has been abandoned after operating for nearly four years in space-without customers and merchants who cared about it. Via @Mwirigi Nation Hela card folds up?!... Read more »

ionacloud and the mess conferences do to your unshipped product

ionacloud was never going to ship from day one, and everyone knew it but no one dared ask the team any real infrastructure questions as cloud was the latest buzzword in the... Read more »

Social gaming platform Jooist dies to pave way for sports betting

Jooist, was a social gaming platform for feature phones that enabled users to discover games and play games on their own or with their friends, earn points and compare scores and achievements... Read more »

Fashion startup Closet49 succumbs after a long-fought battle with cheap new imports

Closet49 was one time Kenya’s only online marketplace for trendy, fashionable, unique and eclectic items but seems to have succumbed to cheap new imports after a long-fought battle, sustained for nearly five... Read more »