Nigeria’s BuyPower Aims To Simplify Buying Power By Bringing It Online

With an estimated 52 percent of Nigerians so far using prepaid meters according to the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission in their homes, these millions need a place to purchase power units whenever it’s exhausted.

The question is will you queue at a Disco’s office for hours just to buy power? No. We have the perfect solution for you and it is Buypower.

Founded by Benjamin Ufaruna and Asehinde Oladipo in 2016. BuyPower is a simple, easy, interactive and user-friendly online platform where you can purchase power units to recharge your prepaid meter. It is available across the country via its platform or mobile apps.

Customers only need to register which doesn’t take more than 3 minutes. And for them to buy power, they must provide their meter number, the amount of unit they want to buy and the state they are. There are different payment methods they can select from to pay for the transaction such as VISA, MasterCard, PocketMoni, Bank Internet, and Verve.

BuyPower is solving a huge problem. Nigeria has over 170 million people and according to the Nigerian Association of Energy Economists (NAEE), only 45% of them are connected to the national grid.

Buying power from federal agencies is time-wasting and tedious and millions of users are turning away from paying for their power monthly due to inconsistencies in their power bills and delays in accounts reconciliation making paid electricity users to even go without power.

BuyPower, therefore, is addressing a huge market; one estimated to be worth millions of dollars annually. If the firm controls just 10 percent of these market; the founders and investors will run smiling to the bank.

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About the Author: Adeniyi Ogunfowoke