Founded by Tiambi Simms and Margot Barreveld, SheFarms has already raised €2,200 of its €7,200 target from investors on Dutch-based crowdfunding platform 1% Club website. The firm says it aims to use the funds to buy €60 smartphones, pre-load them software designed for smallholder farmers and customized SIM cards and develop its mobile app.

The app will connect the farmers to resources such as farming tips, market prices, weather, nutrition tips among others from SheFarms and their peers on the SheFarms network for a small subscription fee. By allowing them to share ideas and learn from each other, SheFarms hopes to fight food security through increased productivity.

SheFarms will empower smallholder female farmers in Ghana and across the developing world through access to farming tips, crop and animal management and accurate market prices  in local and international markets and open the world to them.

“Our platform gives access to knowledge and reliable advice on farm management and sustainable farming techniques,” the team say on their campaign page. “Our goal is to liberate the planet from gender inequality and food deficits. To reach this goal we want to connect these female farmers to SheFarms and the world wide web.”

The earlier SheFarms hits its crowdfunding target the earlier it would deliver to farmers the €60 smartphones. The price includes programming, shipping, custom and taxes fees and comes with a customized SIM card designed specifically to assist smallholder farmers. To SheFarms, the internet would open the eyes of the female farmers to increase productivity and thus their income. These would guarantee food security and improve general quality of life amongst female farmers in Ghana and their communities.