South Africa’s is to students what Kickstarter is to startups aims to break the cycle of poverty in South Africa by connecting students to donors locally or globally to contribute to their education in Africa’s second biggest economy but most advanced and expensive education system.

Feenix aims to give opportunity to the public get involved  in a students education to help them get through their degrees or give them the tools they need for a better South Africa. The platform allows students to tell their story to stand out from the rest and then users can give from as little as R50 to a student’s education.

The crowdfunding portal is run by Feenix trust as a Public Benefit Organisation with support from Standard Bank and developed by Byte Orbit. Feenix will be run by a small group of young South Africans entrepreneurs, passionate about South Africa, and the difference education can make in people’s lives.

Crowdfunding is not a new concept as communities have always come together across Africa and across the world to help support each other in funerals, deaths and celebrations and weddings. Even education in Africa has been a community thing and people have always contributed generously. The only difference is that technology brings it only and to many more people than gatherings.

There are various such platforms across Africa though not focused only on education but they include Kenya’s M-Changa, ImpartFund and Donate-ng and Most of them work like global crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo but Feenix’s main focus in student education in South Africa and nothing less where students have gone to streets to protest against high tuition for college and university courses.

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