NaijaSecCon: Nigeria’s Premier Cybersecurity Conference + Hackathon to Hold in May

With the rising cyber security issues in the country, Nigeria Security Conference 2017 (NaijaSecCon17) is poised to educate the participants on how to keep themselves secure. According to organisers, the conference, which... Read more »

How to stay secure on public Wi-Fi.

As more and more people are getting online with mobile devices, most of them cannot afford either fixed line connections at home, or they can afford very limited mobile data packages, hence ... Read more »

Cybercriminals are now using telcos employees to access networks

I though insider jobs and conspiracy theories transpire in movies and books. These are activities that most organizations and individuals shy away from because the implications are always tragic. Although, security experts... Read more »

Behaviors parents should control in order to protect their kids against online threats

Whoever came up with Play Store and other gaming zones in the world, rescued boys from boredom. On the other end, the Swift keyboard and other keys enhanced the girl child ‘chat... Read more »

Increased cyberattacks in Insurance & Banking sector caused by luck of cybersecurity enhancement

CyberSecurity experts have urged the insurance and banking sector to implement their security levels in Information Communication Technology (ICT) practices. Currently over 20 million Kenyans access the internet through mobile devices, many... Read more »

Talent lab to give the youth hands-on cybersecurity skills

Everybody would like to have handson cybersecurity skills, but nevertheless few institutions offer such training. Although, most universities in the country have cyber related courses which do not offer in depth breakdown when... Read more »