Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Tag: Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels Have Been Increased To 90 Seconds

Instagram, which is owned by Meta, is having trouble sleeping, so the massive picture and video sharing

Instagram Is Introducing Adverts To Its Short Clip Platform Reels

Also in the same vein, you'll be able to skip or interact with the ads by commenting, liking, saving or sharing them. Though, most brands would probably prefer if you hit the shop button

Instagram Releases Remix Feature on Reels

Instagram has rolled out a new feature called Remix on its short video Reels which will enable...

How to Market your Business on Instagram 2021

Instagram also has a large number of influencers with a large number of followers. And, with the...

Posts Shared From The Instagram Feed May Soon Have Labels

Well, maybe it's not so much that Instagram doesn't like this as it is that some users have complained about it, and now it's testing a few different approaches to try and stop people from re-posting their regular, static updates to their Stories as well.

Instagram Will No Longer Be Promoting Recycled TikTok Reels

I was wondering when Instagram would realize that their platform is being used to promote their competitor. Can you imagine if Safaricom shared Airtel's content? To get visibility on Instagram

6 Nifty Tips And Tricks You Should Be Using On Instagram

While other people constantly grace us with their content but not every Instagrammer knows how to fully utilize the features that Instagram has to offer. Before claiming that Instagram is not resourceful or is boring,

Instagram Makes Its Story Feature On Desktop More Complete

When was the last time you actually checked your Instagram account on your desktop? it's probably been a while but probably because you couldn't access all the features that a phone has.
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