ionacloud and the mess conferences do to your unshipped product

ionacloud was never going to ship from day one, and everyone knew it but no one dared ask the team any real infrastructure questions as cloud was the latest buzzword in the... Read more »

Nailab launches, a review site for products, customer service & development projects

Launched this week in Kenya, is a ratings and review platform for consumers in Kenya to rate and share their experiences about products and services and even evaluate their elected leaders.... Read more »

Kenya’s Nailab Seed Fund to Invest Ksh 2.5m into Local Startups

Nailab Seed Limited, an angel fund founded by Nailab and Fair & Sustainable Participations is calling for applications for startups to apply and stand a chance to raise Ksh 2.5m. According to... Read more »

In loving memory of Cladlight, a Kenyan motorcycle smart jacket startup

Founded by Joseph Muchene, a Certified Public Accountant – Kenya, and Charles Muchene, an Electrical and Electronics Engineer,  Cladlight wanted to develop a smart jacket for Kenya’s growing motorcycle transport industry informally... Read more »

UNFPA & Nailab’s iAccelerator program to Invest Over US $40,000 in 4 Kenyan Startups

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, in collaboration with Nailab, a technology driven business incubator, announced 4 winning innovations, Fluid, Sophie Bot, Imara TV and Deaf Elimu that will be kicking off... Read more »

Kenya’s Kuhustle Graduates from Y Combinator Fellowship | Plans to expand across Africa

  One of the best kept secret the last 3 months was Kuhustle, an on-demand tech talent platform to help individuals and firms with tech-related tasks to hire a developer on demand was... Read more »

Kuhustle pivots from freelancer jobs network to an on-demand tech talent platform

Nailab’s Kuhustle-which means get your hustle on is tightening its ropes on its freelancer developer jobs marketplace to a closed up on-demand tech talent platform to help individuals and firms with tech-related... Read more »