Opera is investing $100m to integrate VAS, mobile payments & data bundling into its browser in Africa

Opera, the guys who run Opera Mini, the most popular mobile browser in Africa have announced plans to invest $100 million (Ksh 10.3 billion) over the next two years in a move... Read more »

How this Opera co-founder is building a browser to replace all the browsers out there

Jon von Tetzchner says he loved every minute of his time at Opera, the firm he had co-founded in 1995 and led as CEO until 2010. However, from 2003 and until the... Read more »

Opera hits 100 million users in Africa, with an 86 percent market share in Kenya

Opera has hit 100 million users in Africa, with an 86.41% market share in Kenya, 71.83% in Nigeria and 53.1% in South Africa according to its State of Mobile Web Report, Africa 2016 with over... Read more »