Resquebnb is a new ‘Airbnb’ connecting stranded Kenyans to food & shelter in election-related violence hotspots was launched by a group of volunteers to map post election violence after Kenya’s disputed general election in December 2007. Ten years later, Resquebnb has launched to connect stranded Kenyans to... Read more »

Ushahidi partners Facebook to monitor Kenya’s General Election on August 8

The crowdsourcing technology company Ushahidi has partnered with Facebook, InfoNET and The Constitution & Reform Education Consortium (CRECO) to monitor Kenya’s General Election on August 8, 2017. Using its Uchaguzi platform, Ushahidi... Read more »

Breaking: Ushahidi Fires Executive Director Accused of Sexual Harassment

Companies are expected to take swift action when an employee accuses a top executive of sexual harassment. This is a serious allegation. But for Ushahidi, their response was quite slow, reluctant and laggard... Read more »

Accused Ushahidi executive was once accused of online harassment more than ten years ago

Old and forgotten Internet archives from Mashada, a web forum run by David Kobia, an Ushahidi co-founder and board member show what could have been a bitter exchange between an unamed Kenyan... Read more »

Ushahid releases iOS & Android apps to empower people capture reports with or without Internet

Ushahidi has today launched iOS and Android apps aimed at bolstering is mission to empower anyone to gather reports from anywhere, anytime. With support for offline data collection — including videos and... Read more »

Kenya’s BRCK launches Moja free public Wi-Fi & SupaBRCK, its newer version you might find useful

Kenya’s BRCK has launched SupaBRCK,a connected rugged microserver powered by a dual core Intel 64-BIT processor with a up to 5TB of hard drive space and a 10-hour onboard battery life. SupaBRCK... Read more »

Kenya’s Ushahidi launches a platform to monitor US elections

Kenya’s Ushahidi has launched a platform to monitor the ongoing US presidential elections pitting Hillary Clinton of the Democratic party and controversial businessman Donald Trump from the Republican party as the main... Read more »