You’ve already got your product or service, now all you need to do is inform the masses, which is basically marketing. Marketing can be difficult, but necessary. Luckily there are various platforms and ideas that make letting people know about your business that much easier. A well disciplined approach to marketing will ensure your business is well exposed. Here are marketing habits that you should form that’ll help your business:

  1. Get and Use Business Cards
  2. Write a blog and share helpful info weekly
  3. Listen to your customers
  4. Keep an ongoing list of creative ideas
  5. Create a Facebook Business Page; constantly update with engaging content that will attract potential customers. You could use this account to advertise.
  6. Create a twitter profile; you could also advertise using twitter
  7. Create an Instagram profile; you could also advertise using twitter
  8. Send an E-mail Newsletter
  9. Use your social media to provide customer service
  10. Offer a discount or special offer
  11. Host a giveaway
  12. Ask Customers for Testimonials
  13. Sponsor a cause or local event
  14. Get interviewed on a blog, podcast, or magazine
  15. Network with other business owners
  16. Add a re-targeting pixel to your website to advertise to website visitors
  17. Review competitors, see what is working and what is not
  18. Offer an affiliate program
  19. Ask customers for feedback
  20. Thank your customers