Opera Releases SA Specific Browser


  Users of Opera Software in South Africa can now download version 12.10 of the desktop browser specifically built for them.

Designed with Speed Dials the 12.10 version for desktop has been customized for South African websites.

Opera said: “South Africans can also look forward to local Speed Dial as, for the first time in the country, Opera Desktop has country specific settings for South Africa.


Version 12.10 of Opera  has both a Mac support with a Notification Centre and Windows 8 support. It also supports extensions from social networks and its HTML 5 standard allows a website to access the camera on a mobile device or desktop PC.

According to News24, Opera has taken in Kalahari.com and BidorBuy as its SA content partners, indicating a likely shift or just strenghthening e-commerce.


With 2 percent market share Opera browser may not seem significant when compared to Chrome’s 35 percent, however it leads in the the mobile ecosystem, with around 22% of the market beating Google’s Android browser, at around 20%.

Opera is also using its success mobile to take on the web even as many users turn to mobile devices.

Bruce Lawson, open standards evangelist at Opera Software told News24 that Opera is confident it will grow.

He said: “Betting against the web hasn’t proven to be a particularly useful strategy for a decade and a half for anybody. Betting with the web seems to me to be the only way forward.”