Nigeria’s Prowork enables real time collaboration, anywhere and anytime, allowing team members to stay on top of what’s happening on their projects.

According to the founders, Prowork is available for Blackberry, Android and Java mobile phones, Web, and has a robust API to allow developers to extend its functionality.

The founders say Prowork can do lots and can be used by Business Project Managers, Software Development, Managing your Personal To-Dos, Planning events, and Sales.

TechMoran caught up with Francis Onwumere CEO  Digital Craft Studios, the Nigeria based startup behind Prowork.

What is Prowork  and what does it do?

Prowork ( is a project management application that makes team collaboration on Projects easy.

It’s like Microsoft Project and Sharepoint but mobile and easier to use, more powerful, with real time collaboration everywhere, anywhere. Prowork is accessible via mobile, the web, and a robust API to allow developers to extend the functionality.

Who are its founders? What inspired them?

Back in 2009 I (Francis) started collaborating with my co-founders Ope and Namzo on our IT consultancy business. At any given time were working on several projects– we used email, SMS, Skype,Google Drive just to collaborate, but somehow it just wasn’t working.

Since then, we have discovered that we were not alone. Many businesses faced the same loss of productivity by improvising project management and collaboration.

So when Startup Weekend came to Lagos we decided to build a prototype at the event and, and in June this year we went commercial.

How does it work?

At Prowork we believe Project Management and Collaboration should take place right where the project activities happen that is why we have developed a mobile first enterprise class business solution.

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Prowork enables you to create a project and draft your team members into that project. You could create tasks and assign them to your team mates.

You get to also receive notifications via mobile app, web, email and SMS for offline scenarios. Prowork also has group chat so you can discuss with your project team mates across all your devices.

You can also share documents easily and generate project status reports at anytime


What is your target population?

Prowork empowers businesses by bringing together project management and collaboration on one platform and putting this in the hands of team members via mobile.

Prowork is easy to use and works well for Enterprises, Medium and Small Businesses. From the ground up we have built a very horizontal product that can be adapted to any business vertical.


What is your business model?

Our business model is of two types: We have hosted software as a service platform with different plans and features depending on the nature of the organisation

We also have a self-hosted offering whereby larger organisations can host Prowork on their own servers

Since our commercial launch in June, we have grown to over 5000 active users- with a number of companies paying to use our platform to manage their multiple projects.

Any competition?

Microsoft Sharepoint, Base Camp and Asana.

How unique are you from the competition?

  1. We are a mobile first enterprise class solution for businesses, this has to do especially with our first hand knowledge of the African and emerging markets where mobile is key
  2. Prowork is easy to use and works well for business vertical.
  3. Prowork is ubiquitous -available via the web, desktop applications, a read/write API, SMS, Email. So we even have offline covered
  1. Our goal at Prowork is to democratise project management making it accessible to everyone via mobile
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Any funding yet, challenges, future plans?

Prowork is self-funded thus far and whilst we have revenue, we are not yet profitable.  We are looking to raise seed funding from interested investors.


Prowork is being used in over 10 countries presently; we are working towards having partners in some of these countries




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