Inside Framework One | Interview With Nicky Lundin, Marketing Specialist


Launched in Cape Town SA in 2008, Framework One specialises in bespoke enterprise system development and business process automation using cloud based, Windows Azure services. Rapid development is done using our own in-house developed framework and custom built Visual Studio extensions.
The software firm’s co founders Maritz Aldum and Alexander Mehlhorn say were inspired by a client who had several businesses all of them with business-critical systems online.

The two add that the client’s systems required business process automation and management. These needed IT departments dedicated to each business. They therefore decided to launch a company which could provide a system framework, business processes management and tools for developers.

TechMoran caught up with┬áNicky Lundin, Framework One’s┬áMarketing Specialist and this is what the firm is up to;


How does it work?

Our original framework works by providing an out-of-the-box system for on-premise servers hosting any solution online. Developers have tools to model business processes and develop modules that can be plugged into the system.

Our latest framework CloudCore leverages the features of Windows Azure to allow any system solution to run in the cloud. This saves our clients the cost of maintaining server rooms, worrying about scalability, high availability, security and the employment of people to manage all of that. Our clients can return to focus on the core of their business without big IT departments whilst being guaranteed scale, availability, capacity and security against low cost monthly subscriptions.


What is your target market?

Our target market is any company that has a has internal processes, company that need their business process automated and companies that are currently spending exorbitant amounts on maintain large IT servers rooms, and employ staff just to maintain the servers in the server room.

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What is your business model?

We help move and automate businesses by providing bespoke system development for the cloud for a development fee and against low cost monthly subscriptions.



Salesforce, K2
How unique are you from the competition?

We have a mature framework, tools, components, code generators and visual designers to help us shift businesses rapidly into the cloud and we have done this a sufficient number of times to understand how this must be done.


Any partnerships, clients?

We have around 10 systems live on our frameworks and several thousand users between them and are currently working on potential joint venture partnerships.


Our biggest challenge is for business owners and IT managers to realize the advantages of true cloud computing. Most do not initially understand the difference to just having their system online. Many business owners also worry about bandwidth and the security of their data in the cloud. Both, bandwidth and security will actually improve but it takes a deep technical understanding and willingness to make this move.

Future plans?

We are currently setting up a business model that will allow us to deal with clients that do not have the initial capital to do the development of creating a cloud-hosted solution. This could become a launchpad for start-ups with great business ideas based on online solutions.