LAGbook & IQ4News Partner To Give The Network’s Over 600,000 Members News On Africa


Today Sunday November 11 Africa’s largest and fastest growing social network Ladies And Gentlemen book or simply LAGbook) announced its partnership with in a move that will see its 600,000 registered users receive in-depth analysis and news on Africa as it breaks.



The news will be available online and for free on LAGbook’s news column powered by IQ4News.

Speaking about the partnership, Chika Nwaogu, co-founder at LAGbook said,”Since the LAGbook audio interview with IQ4News some weeks ago, I have been following news from IQ4News.”

Chika said he found IQ4News interesting and useful especially the one on Obama’s paternal grandmother and thought the network members would find the news beneficial and saw it beneficial for the networks members too.
Chika thought,”I think I should share this new experience with hundreds of thousands of people, and that starts with our 600,000 registered users on LAGbook. They should enjoy the analysis and news that IQ4News offer.”
LAGbook therefore partnered with IQ4News, according to Dr. Yemisi Akinbobola, Editor-in-Chief, IQ4News,”This move is to primarily promote the ideal that “businesses in Nigeria, and indeed Africa, need to be more supportive of each other particularly when it comes to start-ups.”

IQ4News, established in 2007 as a media blog and re-branded in 2011 as a pan African news and analysis website, is an online platform that offers in-depth analysis and news on Africa with a collaborative feel, combining reports from professional journalists with citizen reporters, student journalists, bloggers and field experts. IQ4News recently partnered in SA to fight unemployment.


After re-branding,the website grew considerably within three months, receiving traffic from over 161 countries; 39 of which are African countries. The partnership will see registered LAGbook users get up-to-the-minute news on Africa from the IQ4News website. The News on Africa from IQ4News are displayed in a marquee and typed progressively across the screen on every user-profile page on LAGbook.
Chidi Nwaogu, Co-CEO at LAGbook was also concerned about the lack of teamwork in the start-up ecosystem on the continent.
He said, “The Nigerian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem doesn’t foster synergy, and this has greatly weakened the pace of growth within start-ups from Africa. We need to partner, and not compete. We need to form an extensive TEAM; Together Everyone Achieves More, and that I believe will build a self-sustaining and flourishing ecosystem for African entrepreneurs.”
Dr. Yemisi Akinbobola, Editor-in-Chief IQ4News

This is not LAGbook’s  first partnership.

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Josh Osemwegie, Chief Financial Officer at LAGbook said,”Over the past months, we have partnered with an appreciable amount of startups across the globe, which includes UK’s MusicVibe, and South Africa’s Mimiboards. Now, we want to focus on the African tech-space, and forge partnership with more African-based startups that will lead to growth and development. This is our major goal in the year 2013, and we’re starting this mission with IQ4News.”
“Our future partnership with African startups will mostly focus on integrating them as third-party applications on LAGbook. At LAGbook, we believe social discovery is not limited to meeting new people, but extends to discovering new things and events happening around you, and this where IQ4News comes into the BIG picture”, says Nosa Ilegbinehi, Chief Publicity Officer at LAGbookIn just 2 years, LAGbook has become Africa’s largest and fastest growing social networking website with 600,000 registered users and 6,000 daily new-signups.