Xmx Me,Bulk SMS App Developed By A 14 Year Old Boy From Port Harcourt,Nigeria


Xmx Me is a mobile phone application that is used to send customized bulk SMS at a very reduced price with improved and cool functions like the ability to select some or all of the numbers in one’s phone book or minimise other features.

TechMoran caught up with the 14 year old founder and were amazed at his success so far!


When was it launched and where?
Xmx Me was launched on October 10 this year in Rumuodara – Port Harcourt.
Who are its Founders?
Xmx Me was founded by Elvis Chidera a 14 year old  SSS1 student of U.V.A(Ultimate Victory Academy).


What inspired you?

Its a long story but let me just cut it short. When I first heard of bulk SMS I was marveled at how it works so I decided to try it. Due to my age I was unable to try it because most bulk SMS sites only allow payments in banks. I decided to create my own bulk SMS service so that any one despite their age can buy SMS at any time without spending much time in banks. At the process of creating the site I had problems, so I decided to make a mobile phone application instead.


 How does it work
Xmx Me uses 2 trusted fast bulk SMS gateway to send bulk SMS. All the user has to do is visit www.xmxme.com and register then download the application and purchase credits after that he can start sending SMS.
Xmx me uses little bandwidth so as to reduce cost.
How many users on board now?
We have 389.
Why SMS?
We chose sms because it is the best and faster way to advertise your
products and also to stay in contact with friends.
Any objections from telecoms also offering SMS?
No objection so far.
What is your business model?
we generate money by selling the SMS units to users that needs it. we also plan on starting adverts.
Any competition
We have like about 3 competitors which are Text Dey Go, JoggeSMS and Beta SMS.

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How unique are you from the competition?
We offer many things which the others don’t offer. Some of them are:
1)Ability to select some or all of the numbers in your phonebook with ease.
2)Xmx Me has a minimize button.
3)Xmx Me has a page that it uses to offer more services and keep users
informed with promos.
4)Xmx Me is simple.
5)Xmx Me is cheaper than other bulk sms app.
6)Xmx Me uses 2 bulk sms gateway.


 Any funding yet?
Not yet, we are still bootstrapping.

Challenges ?

Our greatest challenge was to raise money to solve all the needs of our customers and also to offer quality.
Future plans/expansion e.t.c ?
We plan on expanding to other African countries and then the whole world. We also plan on moving to other platform like iphone, Symbian, Android, etc. Currently we only support J2ME enabled phones and some Symbian and Black berry.

We at the moment only accept payments from Nigeria but we plan to expand further. We also will like to reduce our price and improve our services.