Is There A Boundary Between ICT and Business?


On Friday, November 02, 2012, in Kigali, the Ministry of Youth and ICT organized a workshop on the validation strategy of Central or Chief Information Officer (CIO). Honourable Minister Jean Philbert Nsengimana said during the event that there’s a way to explore boundary between ICT and business.

Worldwide, CIOs are today viewed as key contributors to improve service delivery by understanding the market or business and aligning Information Technology to strategic and business goals of the institutions they serve.

It is in this regard that the Ministry of Youth and ICT embarked on the process of developing a new CIO strategy and implementation plan for the Government of Rwanda.

ICT experts came from different institutions working mainly in ICT in Rwanda, and Michiel Malotaux, a consultant, presented why CIO’s have a crucial role in an institution.

In his opening remarks Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana said that Rwanda has invested in developing this sector because it is important in the development.

He said: “We have been investin in developing applications (…) now we need to know how much we are investing  in people”.

Michiel Malotaux, an IT expert,  hailed the way Rwanda is developing ICT in general, and commends its vision to develop mainly this sector.

Michiel said that it is important to use imihigo (performance contract) to explore what has been achieved in ICT sector.

Minister Nsengimana noted that “We’ll emerge stronger in this workshop, be prepared we want this strategy to be the foundation of our change. “ He added that “We’re exploring the boundary between IT and business”

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Michiel in his presentation said that this strategy can be used in different domains to deliver a better service.

Mr. Emmanuel Dusenge from the MYICT said that it can be nice if CIO strategy can be a pillar to address the ICT development in Rwanda, he said that “We have to look on how we support in details our institutions and we identify the gap, what we can bring in it”.

Dusenge added that “We really what to see mainly the change this strategy will bring in terms of business.”

Minister Jean Philbert Nsengimana said that CIO’s Department is important we can cluster ICT experts in an institution and then we can see who can perform well than others.

In his concluding remarks Minister Nsengimana said that this strategy will bring an impact in facilitating activities regarding ICT in Rwanda.