Kim Dotcom’s New Mega Goes Live In New Zealand, After Gabon Government Denied Him

Image Source:Mashable

This morning Kim Dotcom announced in a tweet that his site was online and legally.

He tweeted, “New Zealand will be the home of our new website:  – Powered by legality and protected by the law.”


The new Mega is big and better and promises to deliver. The site will allow user’s privacy, will have an online Mega file manager, has a cloud file system and allows multi-centric data warehousing. Mega is also looking for hosting and API partners and investors to make the service free. Mega II as we may call it here, will of course be a hit when it goes live on January 19th.

This comes just days after the Gabon government denied him to use citing cyber-crime but Kim said it was plain witch-hunt by the US government which he claimed has interests in the Gabon economy.

As we reported earlier, the government of Gabon suspended and issued warnings to defunct Megaupload founder and internet tycoon Kim Dotcom locking Kim’s business interests.

However in a a surprise move, the government of New Zealand has allowed Kim who is out on bail in New Zealand and awaiting a March extradition hearing to run  to for a January 20 re-launch, a year after his online piracy arrest in New Zealand.

Gabon Communications Minister Blaise Loumbe Tuesday announced:”I have instructed my departments to immediately suspend the site,”  in a move to “protect intellectual property rights” and “fight cyber crime effectively”.