Piilo is focused on innovating Human Resources and People Management for businesses worldwide through cloud computing and mobility. Piilo makes HR easy for all employees not just for HR professionals. Piilo is focused on business owners, operational line managers and staff. Piilo provides easy to use, practical and affordable HR software. Piilo will release more than 30 modules in 10 languages to cater for an international market.
We talked to Phil about the following;

What is the name of your software and what does it do?
Our first software suite called the Piilo People Portal is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) solution containing separate but integrated modules using Microsoft Azure as a platform.  The initial Piilo People Portal modules cuts across the employee life cycle and include:
Plan employment:
  • Skills management:
  • Succession planning

Grow and retain employees:

  • Performance management
  • Performance improvement
  • Career and skills development
  • Job profile

Manage employees:

  • Time management
  • Leave management
  • Employee data management
  • Contract management
  • Disciplinary action

Manage employee exit:

  • Employee exit management
When was it launched and where?

Piilo software was launched at Demo Africa where we announced the availability of our beta release during November/December 2012.
Who are its founders?

I am the CEO (Phil Lötter) and I have 18 years experience in international business consulting, technology and business management across various industries. I hold a Postgraduate degree in Economics and a bachelors in Political Science.
Our Technical Director, Nolan Daniel has more than 15 years IT experience in various industries and has worked in the corporate and start-up sectors. He has extensive knowledge of Software Development, Integration and Architecture and has led implementations of various large, complex distributed systems. He has a Postgraduate degree in e-Commerce and bachelors degree in Information Technology.
What inspired them to find it?

The company was founded based on their own frustration on the absence of practical HR and people management tools to manage employees in their own businesses. They understand the issues within smaller companies and wanted to create solutions that other business owners and operational line managers can relate to. They also realised based on their working experience, that many big corporates are still struggling with basic HR as ERP systems are too complex and cumbersome for line managers.

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Where do you want to test Piilo?

Piilo software is currently being released in November/December 2012 as a beta version to customers for testing and feedback. Piilo engaged customers across various countries including South Africa, Kenya, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand to provide them with feedback. They are also currently targeting Asian countries.

What is your business model?
Piilo modules are sold as separate units based on customer needs and budget. The software is sold on monthly or annual subcriptions. Piilo subscriptions are flexible and do not require a minimum number of subscriptions per module or business. This flexibility in software choice and allocation allows business to purchase and allocate only the software they need.
The biggest competitors in the HR cloud computing space is Successfactors/SAP and Taleo/Oracle
How unique are you from them?

Piilo is created for business owners and operational line managers. It displays the underlying business process to ensure everybody understands their roles and responsibilities. Piilo is truly modular – businesses can by one, two or more modules. The modules creates an integrated solution. Pillo also has a flexible pricing model to cater for all size companies with no minimum subscriptions per module.

Future plans/expansion etc?
Piilo will formally launch during January 2013, first in English speaking countries before translating the software for non-English countries. Piilo will be marketed across 35 countries to achieve their vision of becoming a global software provider servicing 10 major regions worldwide.

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