Meet DJ Focus AKA Kelvin Doe,Self Trained Radio Engineer,15 & From Sierria Leone


Kelvin Doe surprised the world when he demonstrated a radio station he build from parts collected from streets.

The crowd at MIT were astonished at the youngest person ever to be invited to MIT at the Visiting Practitioner’s Program” and his amazing radio station he build ground up.

According to THNKR, “Kelvin is experiencing the US for the first time, exploring incredible opportunities, contending with homesickness, and mapping out his future.”

We followed Kelvin Doe a few months ago for a story that we thought would help him. We talked to David and we had the meeting set up. It never happened!

But the 15 year old self trained inventor doesn’t need an interview again.

He amazed the world (and still is) when he demonstrated his innovation at MIT. Doe, a completely self taught engineering wizard born and  living in Sierra Leone built a radio ground up from materials collected from trash bins.

He has also used the spare parts to build batteries, generators and transmitters without attending any engineering class.

Listen to him here!