10 Finalists For The Innovation Prize For Africa Shortlisted

ipaprizeThe 10 finalists for the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) have been shortlisted from the over 900 applications from 45 countries in Africa.
The panel of judges will select a winner and two runners up from the 10 shortlisted finalists  May 7 in Cape Town. The top prize winner will take home $100 000 based on their ideas’ originality, scalability, marketability, social impact and clear business potential while the first runner up will take home $25 000 for his or her ideas best commercial potential and the second runner’s up will receive $25 000 for their social innovation.
Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, a co-founder of the African Innovation Foundation and the IPA said: “As global leaders gather for the World Economic Forum on Africa to discuss approaches to deliver on Africa’s promise, these innovators demonstrate that the best way to build Africa’s capacity is to invest in local innovation and entrepreneurship.”
The top ten ventures include ICT startups, health innovation, agriculture, environment and manufacturing ideas.
They include:
From South Africa-
AgriProtein, it’s a new and affordable source of animal feed protein for African farmers developed by a team of researchers from AgriProtien Technologies.
SavvyLoo– an eco waterless toilet that drains liquids from solids for environmental impact, decreased disease spread, reduced odour and easier disposal. It was developed by Dr Dudley Jackson

The TBag Water Filter- is a water filter that cleans polluted water to be safe for drinking again. It was developed by Prof Eugene Cloete.
The Malaria pf/PAN (pLDH) Test Kit- a new rapid malaria treatment test. Determines within 30 minutes if treatment is effective. It was developed by Ashley Uys.
Mobenzi – is a mobile data collection and field research software solution for complex research. Was developed by a team led by Andi Friedman.
From Tunisia
Zero-Blade Wind Convertor – is a wind turbine using sailboat technology to create cost-effective energy. It was developed by Hassine Labaied and Anis Aouini from Saphon Energy.
From Senegal
The Fonia Husker Machine – is an electric and thermal powered machine that husks cereals quickly. Was developed by Sanoussi Diakite.
From Cameroon-
Novatech Construction Systems  an efficient construction process using  a manual brick press that produces 3 000 interlocking bricks per day. Was developed by Njokikang Faustinus.
From Nigeria
Mimosa for Solar Powered Production- a renewable solar energy production using an organic African medicinal plant, Mimosa. It was developed by Justus Nwaoga.
From Sudan
Agroforestry Model Farm-is an agro-forestry model farm in Khartoum for moringa leaves, seeds and jatrofa seeds run by Muna Majoud Mahoamed Ahmed.
An initiative of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and the African Innovation Foundation (AIF)  the 2013 Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) aims to elevate attention around innovative work and help support the vision of entrepreneurs. The prize honours and encourages innovative achievements that contribute towards the development of new products, increased efficiency or cost savings in Africa. The prize also promotes the efforts of young African men and women pursuing science, technology and engineering careers as well as business opportunities that aim to contribute to sustainable development in Africa.