110SafariDesk’s Irvine Ndwiga and Paul Hunkin say it’s an experiential travel platform to help you and your friends discover and plan amazing vacation experiences in off-the-grid destinations.

Find Your Escape

Backed by the Savannah Fund Accelerator SafariDesk promises a handpicked selection of amazing locations that its users will love. All they have to do is browse around and find their favourite spots.

The platform works simply.

According to the team, “When you’ve found the perfect place, click the Check Rates & Availability button to send a message directly to the owner through the SafariDesk platform.”

“You can talk back and forth with the vendor as much as you like to decide on the ideal getaway. We know that the details are important, so take your time,” they add.

Pay With Bitcoins

And surprisingly, they are become the first platform in Eastern Africa to use Bitcoins and probably the second in Africa after SA’s South Africa Travel Online which recently sent out a newsletter accepting its clients demands to pay using Bitcoins.

SafariDesk said, “When all is settled, make the payment through our secure payment gateway using a number of payment methods. All major credit cards accepted, along with Bitcoin.”

Focusing on their mission to make Safari less demanding and less work, SafariDesk say their platform is the simplest way for one to find and plan their next distractions from the dreary routine of everyday life. They will be featuring amazing destinations for users as well as  add new and exciting features all the time.

Share Your Experiences

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It’s not just Safari, SafariDesk also want you to share your experiences with the SafariDesk travelers community.

They say, “We’ll also be sharing some epic tales from our community of intrepid explorers. If you have an experience that you need highlighted, just hit us up.”

The blog is free publicity for you, the hotel or camp you visit. This is not PR for the safari camp or hotel vendors but a space for and by Safarians. “Your experiences will help compose the stories that fill these pages,” they add.

Now, don’t just sit there, get to their live beta site now  and sign up.



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