MoboFree Mobile Social Network Wants You To Meet Friends, Find Love & Sell Online


mobofreeDeveloped in Vilnius, Lithuania and claiming over 2 million active users in Africa and over  200,000 likes on Facebook, MoboFree is a mobile social network and marketplace for users to share love, friendship and find jobs or sell stuff.

With a good following in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Malawi, MoboFree says it is a place for meeting new people, finding new friends, dates and marketplace.

Though it has a growing list of classifieds, MoboFree was initially made to help users flirt, chat and find new friends.

The team says, ” We care about your feelings, emotions, we want to make you happy and let you find the friends you like through the mobile phone. MoboFree is emotions based mobile first social network which provides you with the best mobile content browsing experience and care about you, your feelings, your friends!”

To access the service, one has to sign up, upload photos then request friends and exchange photos or files. Once one signs up, they can sent their friends private chat messages or follow public forums. Members can also  sell, swap or rent their stuff to their nearby friends or even sell them on the MoboFree marketplace such as old books, electronics and clothes.

For safety of their users online, MoboFree’s classified marketplace makes sellers and buyers known to their friends by access to their friends, user photos and several other details like names, friend reviews and how long they have been members of the site.

They however encourage users to begin online then meet in real life but with caution to avoid scams. Sign up and tell us what you think!