piiloWith offices in Cape Town and Boston, Piilo Software, an innovative People and Human Resources Management SaaS software has launched across Africa targeting small, medium and large businesses in a move to help them leverage the benefits of cloud computing and mobility for employee and talent management.

Firms, irrespective of their size, location or industry will use the customisable software suite with flexible subscription model.

According to Phil Lötter, CEO and founder of Piilo Software,”Talent management is the backbone of any business and our software was born out of wanting to improve and streamline these functions for all types of businesses. Working in consultancies across numerous industries and countries for the past 18 odd years has inspired me to create a solution that leverages innovative technology and cloud computing to provide easy to use, practical and affordable software that is based entirely on the unique budget and operational requirements of a business.”

Piilo Software, based on Microsoft’s Azure global cloud platform and is designed for business owners, line managers or HR professionals to improve the management of their employee lifecycle from planning, growing and retaining talent, to daily employee management and even managing an employee exit.

Piilo Software provides a flexible delivery system, which allows companies to select only the user subscriptions for modules that pertain specifically to their requirements. Via the 24/7 available portal, Piilo ensures that people management is easy, practical and affordable. Pillo software can also be integrated with existing systems that a business may already have in place. Companies can choose to use one or more modules to support their operations in the cloud.

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“At Piilo we think software in the cloud should be like Lego blocks, with companies being able to choose only the user subscriptions for the module they need. We don’t do forced bundling or minimum subscriptions,” Lötter says. Rates are calculated on a sliding scale, from US$1.00 to [email protected] for monthly user subscriptions per module.

Piilo currently offers 8 modules that will grow to 12 modules during 2013 with additional mobile functionality being released in May 2013. Piilo has plans to release 30 modules which will be available in 10 languages. A French version of the software may be released later this year to cater for West African countries.

Modules currently on offer include:

  • Career and skills development
  • Performance management
  • Performance improvement
  • Employee data management
  • Leave management
  • Time management
  • Disciplinary action
  • Contract management

Workforce skills planning, Succession planning, Employee exit management, Job profiling, Payroll and Recruitment will be available shortly too.

“It is an exciting time for us and we look forward to offering customers the productivity, flexibility and affordability of cloud computing but importantly also a model that enables customers to define the exact functionality that they require, thereby avoiding unnecessary licensing fees for unused software.  It is also significant for us to have the support from Microsoft at this early stage in our business’s life with their input from infrastructure, products and marketing as their Azure platform provides us with a global footprint. It is now a case of all systems-go as we begin reaching out to businesses in African countries.” concluded Lötter.


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