searchafricaLaunched January 2011 SearchAfrica, wants to be a dedicated search engine for Africa.
The search engine wants to make Africa visible on the web as it is physically- the second largest continent in terms or population and size in the world.

According to the founders,”Our Goal at Search Africa, is to make Africa More visible on the World Wide Web. That is, we created a search engine powered by Google, which only provide information pertaining to Africa. This continent is the second largest in the World with over a billion people, yet it only uses about 15% of the Worlds internet.”

SearchAfrica promise to provide free advertising to both small and large African owned business and institutions and the team says is also working  with universities and colleges to create a Free Online University to help Africans in remotes parts of Africa to have access to first World Education.

The team also adds that they have information snacks banks acting as quick knowledge about Africa. They also share information about Africa through the search engine to help people world over find all things African. is not the only search engine dedicated for Africa and comes at a time when Google is all things search globally. Now that its site is down, it just shows how long it will take them to be Africa’s one stop search portal.
We will bring you an exclusive interview from them shortly.

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