20 Year-Old Ekogidi.com Founder Wants To Bridge The Gap Between Lagos State Government & Its Citizen’s



 20 year-old Joseph-Imonikhe Afen,a student of the University of Lagos and Mustapha-Atiku Abukakar,also a student of King’s college, London wanted to follow the progress of their state wherever they were.

There was no platform. Facebook and Twitter and several others are only used as PR tools with little truth on specific details satisfactory to to citizens. They therefore sat down and built a platform, Ekogidi.com, a Lagos State’s socio-political platform set to bridge the gap between Lagos State’s government and the people.

Though still developing the platform the 20 year old is sure Ekogidi.com is getting there by the day.

According to the team, though still in private beta, they aim to sign up government officers to use the platform to debate and analyze issues with citizens. The platform now has several categories to inform users on entertainment, tourism and traffic and major news and happenings in the state.

“We didn’t just concentrate on politics alone,we created pages of interest to regular news readers,fashion lovers,and would be introducing a ‘scholar’s point’ page for primary and high schools in the state, this September,” they told TechMoran.

“There are a few other pages with interesting articles about the state too. So,in all,the network gives a sense of belonging and interaction to the people of Lagos state,Nigeria, Afen said.

Mustapha Atiku Abubakar
Mustapha Atiku Abubakar

“We felt a gap between the leaders and the led in the system with an unending and unheard cry to major problems affecting the citizens. We felt we could come up with a network where major issues are raised,we partner with the government to stand a ground on the network and encourage the citizens to speak up their minds for a smooth dialogue. And with these,we are making progress,” Afen assured TechMoran.

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Ekogidi traditional design and look depicts the Eyo traditional masquerade,a popular symbol in Lagos state. The “So,when you see the page design and layout,you know this has to do with the centre of excellence,Lagos state,” added Abukakar the co-founder.

Joseph-Imonikhe Afen
Joseph-Imonikhe Afen

Stemming from a debate the two had about the role of youths were playing in Lagos State politics, they decided to put up something for all users, and are slowly moving to realizing their dream. In August last year, they came up with the project’s name and have been working on it ever since.

They are growing the network by publicizing it and signing up users. They told TechMoran that they want to involve every citizen of the state and push it through to a federal level then make it nationwide dialogue network.

The platform is at the moment not making any cash but simply running on funds provided them by their parents and they say its “fun trying out our imaginations.”

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