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NIRA Chief Operating Officer Ope Odusan Is New Managing Director Africa.com

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Ope Odusan - NIRA COO2 (1)

Africa.com’s chairman and CEO confirmed the nomination of Ope Odusan as the  Managing Director of Africa.com Domain Services.

Odusan has been in service as the Chief Operating Officer of the Nigerian Registration Association (NIRA) since 2011.

He has been motivating the strategy and operations of the .ng domain which is the official domain of Nigeria. The domain also includes .com.ng, among other domains.  Being the head of the organization, Odusan is credited with aligning the .ng domain with global market practices.

Teresa Clarke, the Africa.com Chair and CEO, said: “Following a comprehensive search that considered a broad list of highly qualified candidates, Ope’s unique combination of knowledge of the African internet market, management skills, professional experience and African domain name industry connections make him the ideal choice to serve as Africa.com’s Managing Director of Domain Name Services.  We are launching our domain name business this month. We are very impressed at how Ope’s vision is confluent with that of the organization, and how he plans to lead Africa.com into the future.”

Mr. Odusan said: “I am honored to have been selected as Africa.com’s new Managing Director of Domain Name Services and am excited to drive its mission of bringing African small businesses online.  I look forward to workingwith the Africa.com staff towards an exciting future focused on helping African SMEs bring their products and services to the global online community. Together, we will advance African small business to improve economic development, and create jobs, for Africans across the continent.”

When Odusan joined the Nigeria Internet Registration Association, he has turn out to be a forerunner in the African domain name industry and became a frequent contributor to regulatory and policy development for the same since he assumed the position.

The newly elected Odusan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology and Master of Science degree in Technology.

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