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Yahoo! Acquires Admovate To Fuel Its Mobile Advertising Opportunities

by Sam Wakoba
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Yahoo To Announce Q2 Earnings One Day After Appointing New CEO Even with a revenue decline by 7%  from $1,218 million in Q2 last year compared to $1,135 million in Q2 this year, Yahoo  has again acquired another startup in a move it says will help it roll out innovative, beautiful and fast new products across desktop and mobile devices by investing more deeply in programmatic buying and mobile advertising.

Admovate, a 2012 founded advanced mobile ad technology startup that helps mobile marketers reach their desired audience at the right time and place.

According to Yahoo’s  SVP of Display Advertising and Advertising Technology Scott Burke, “This acquisition is part of our efforts to invest further in our ad tech platforms—Apt, Genome, and Right Media—and make buying easier for advertisers and agencies.”

Burke added that Admovate’s personalization technology accelerates Yahoo’s capabilities in mobile advertising  and Yahoo will also gain the Admovate team. Admovate’s engineers will join Yahoo! display advertising team in Sunnyvale.

According to Yahoo! the acquisition will  help it craft unique mobile experiences for its users, including new advertising opportunities.

AdMovate will enable Yahoo! to create and deliver personalized, hyper-local targeted offers through the mobile.


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