Facebook Launches A Mobile Games Publishing Platform Help Developers Take Their Games Global

mobile games facebookFacebook has today launched a Mobile Games Publishing platform aimed helping small and medium-sized developers take their mobile games global.
The firm said during the program it will work with select game developers and provide promotional support for their games in placements across its mobile apps.
It’s like finding a Kuluya game, Afroes, Gamsole or Maliyo game on Facebook, awesome?
The pilot program will help mobile games find a path to success by find the right players.
The firm said, “With our unique targeting ability and mobile users who like playing a diversity of games, we’ll help the right people discover your game.”
Apart from users finding one’s game, the giant social network will also help developers grow to scale as they introduce one’s game game to their overn 800M monthly mobile users and over 260 million on web. Wow!
Facebook also will share analytics tools and the expertise they’ve gained from helping games grow on their platform for many years. The social network will invest in the  success of these games, and in exchange for a revenue share, and they will be collaborating deeply with developers in the program by helping them cultivate high-quality, long-term players for their games.
Listen, this is not for everyone, but only open to kick-ass game developers around the world.The firm said, “We’re looking for awesome mobile games across all genres and audiences to join the program.” Apply Now!
Facebook is not new to this, it has already been helping with app discovery through products such as mobile app install ads. However, many developers with awesome mobile games do not afford the paid strategy but the firm wants to help them find a path to success, too.
Some of the lucky ten developers from all over the world will have their incredible mobile games launch on Facebook. The games include:

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Facebook wants all small or medium-sized game developer looking to take their game global to  apply to the program on their developer site.

More details about this program will be revealed in their session at Casual Connect in San Francisco later today by Dan Morris, mobile games partnerships lead.