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Kenya’s Wants To Help Business Engage Their Customers On Social Media With Ease

by Sam Wakoba
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wateja.ioFounded last year by Clement Gitonga, as a customer service tool for corporate firms using social media.

The software as a service tool enables firms to schedule messages based on the times their customers would be online and active on social media.

Using its analytics and reporting tool, helps clients create updates and schedule them to be posted on twitter and Facebook at specified times.The tool also helps firms measure customer satisfaction, track response to campaigns on social media among others.

It also help in quantify engagement on social media by tracking how fast the social customer service team responds to customer issues, measure brand sentiment, know the number of people you engage within a certain period, track response to marketing messages.

According to the founder social media has become a serious channel for customer service and it is therefore important for firms to keep track of  their activity and performance just like it was in the old days using suggestion boxes.

Because it is a software as a service tool, is found in the cloud and does not require installation or additional hardware requirements as long as one has an internet connection.

To use the tool, one has to create an account on the site, add their social media teams and social media accounts then begin to use it.

The tool can be used by any business be it a bank, telco, ISP or a Salon. is still in beta testing and users are encouraged to try it out and give feedback.

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