Cameroon’s To Launch Across Africa


quickticketCameroon’s bus ticketing startup, QuickTicket beta is set to launch its services across Africa and into other emerging markets.

According to Acha Nelson, co-founder QuickTicket, “We want to raise funds to complete the final stage of development, test the application deploy with some bus companies to make sure it s robust and to launch it in Cameroon. We are also seeking investments.”

QuickTicket lets users search through bus schedules, make ticket reservations, choose
their seat numbers and get bus and parcel delivery status using the internet on the web and mobile phone is currently in beta testing.

The web-based platform is expected to serve both travelers and travel agencies, provide real time connection for users by allowing users to check bus schedules, reserve or purchase tickets, preview each bus plan and choose favorable seats, monitor the status of buses they book for, check for parcel deliveries, all online and  receive bus status updates and information about their parcel deliveries via SMS.

Currently serving 18 firms in Cameroon, QuickTicket  says it has branches in multiple towns around the country. The team also says bus travel is the major means of transport used in Cameroon, with over 90% of the population using it.

Acha said at the moment, most branches of various bus companies are separated and hence do not function as a single unit. This allows for inconsistencies and lapses in the management of these branches. Record keeping, accounting and data analysis is therefore a major issue that each bus agency encounters. This is compounded by the increasing number of travel companies and their agencies that are usually operating in the same areas usually with branches in multiple towns around the country.

QuickTicket promises to offer a solution to wipe out these inconveniences, save money and provide a channel through which commuters can have a real-time connection with these agencies. QuickTicket promises to make the necessary reservations from anywhere online and receive SMS alerts notifying them of the status of their scheduled bus and its departure time.

Founded by Acha Nelson, a 4thyear Biomedical Sciences student and Absalom Shu, a software developer with a in Math’s and Computer Science from University of Buea, QuickTicket is incubated at ActiveSpaces and have gone through an intense 12 weeks boot camp.

Users are welcome to try QuickTicket and see if it solves the problems it says it does.