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Better Agenda Laptops For Teachers In Ghana

by Caroline Vutagwa
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After completing their Rlg Informational Communication Technology training under the Basic school Computerization Project, teachers in Ghana’s Central Region received the 2331 Better Ghana Agenda laptop computers to use in schools.

The 1,400 laptops were presented by Dr. Samuel Sarpong, the Central Regional Minster in the Cape Coast, emphasizing the important role of ICT in the current educational system.

Sarpong highlighted that computer literacy in the job market currently constituted an essential driving force that determined the chances of one getting employment and that it had become necessary for all stakeholders in the educational sector to work towards ensuring that classroom teachers became ICT inclined.

According to the Sarpong, government was working hard to promote ICT education, and has therefore decided to implement the policy on laptops distribution under the Better Ghana Agenda ICT project in which basic school teachers are trained and presented with computers.

The Central Regional Director of Education, Joseph Dagor Kor, explained that the provision of the laptops was to serve as motivation for all teachers, and urged them to share their knowledge with their colleagues and students as society expected a lot from them.

Kor challenged teachers to use their ICT knowledge and laptops to equip themselves with 21st century skills instead of the archaic information they kept recopying from previous lesson notes, adding that lessons should be student centered to encourage the children to work on their own to enable them work everywhere in the world.

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