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Vodafone to Invest $1.3 Into Vodafone Egypt’s Network Upgrade

by Caroline Vutagwa
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There will be an upgrade in the Pharaonic Network as Vodafone Egypt is planning to spend about $1.3 on the upgrade in the next two years.

The main focus of the upgrade should be improving both the network speed and reliability and is expected to be complete by 2017.

Egypt’s ICT Minister reportedly met with Vodafone’s regional CEO, Serpil Timuray  and Vodafone Egypt’s CEO Hatem Dowidar to discuss the industry issues in general.

The three were also said to have discussed the threat by Vodafone to take the government to international arbitration over the handling of the granting of a MVNO license to Telecom Egypt.

Vodafone has previously said that the rules as planned would give the state-owned telco an unfair market advantage over the mobile networks.

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