‘We Have Not Ignored The Regulator Ban,’ says Vodafone Ghana




Vodafone Ghana says that it has not ignored the regulators order, on banning it from signing up new customers.The ban was imposed following a nationwide network outage which took a day to resolve.

the telco company said that they have not given out new SIM cards to the retailers for sale, saying that the ones that are in the market were purchased before the ban was issued and may take some days for the trade to dry up.

“Figures from the trade indicate that SIMs are drying out. Additionally we have decided to proactively withdraw all remaining SIMs by buying them off the vendors and retailers. This is to prevent a situation where customers will buy a SIM without being able to activate it. The mop up exercise is on-going currently,” said Vodafone Ghana.

According to Vodafone, no new SIMs will be activated in the network after Saturday 21st of June until the regulator’s ban is lifted.