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Huawei Creates The Very First Heavy-Haul Railway LTE Network

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Huawei has won the bid for the Shenhua Group Corporation’s Shuo Huang Railway (SHR) LTE project. Shenhua is among the  largest coal supplying and trading companies and has developed and implemented the world’s first LTE network for heavy-haul railways. The ICT solutions provider, Huawei, plans to  deliver this project pretty soon.

Huawei has worked with six industry partners to research, plan, conduct trial tests, and engineer the construction of SHR’s new railway mobile broadband communications system since 2010. Over four years, multiple lab tests were conducted and four on-site tests were completed at the railway’s 42 kilometer trial section.

Huawei eLTE solution has been tailored to the SHR and uses a 1.8G LTE TDD network to enable communications for 20,000-ton heavy-haul trains over long distances. The LTE network supports the multi-locomotive synchronous control system, controllable train tail system and other heavy-haul train services that require a reliable and secure communications system.

“Reliable communications is crucial for operating long trains and to expand transfer capacity. Huawei eLTE solution has helped to address these challenges by enabling communications over 2.5 kilometers and efficient video scheduling,” said Mr. Cao Yanping, Deputy General Manager of Shuohuang Railway Ltd. “In 2012, we also worked with Huawei to deploy a pilot eLTE network between a 40.7 kilometer section of SHR’s track from Xiaojue to Xibaipo. The project was a success and allowed us to test services such as multi-locomotive synchronous control, train-to-ground wireless data communications, voice trunking dispatching and on-board video surveillance.”

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