Tabtor Partners with Via Afrika Publishers To Improve Math Education in South Africa


 Tabtor, a tablet-based learning solution that is redefining education through data driven intelligence and personalized learning has partnered with South Africa’s Via Afrika Publishers in a bid to improve math performance in South Africa.
The Via Afrika Tabtor Math program will be available immediately in South Africa for students in grades R through 8 and will follow the South African CAPS curriculum with powerful student level Point-of-Learning Analytics plus Proficiency Matrix to teachers.
“We are excited to be working with Via Afrika in expanding the immense opportunity for personalized learning for students in South Africa. With Tabtor, on an average we see a 50% improvement in learning speed and a 65% improvement in answer accuracy within a few months,” says Raj Valli, CEO of Tabtor.
Valli added that Tablor has seen a dramatic increase in math confidence amongst students and near elimination of students’ perceived fear of math around the world and are excited to work with Via Afrika to deploy technology and instructor resources to achieve similar results.

Via Afrika serves the needs of students of all ages, from early childhood learning to adult education. Working in cooperation with Tabtor, Via Afrika has made this groundbreaking tutoring technology available to the public on both iOS and Android tablets.

To Via Afrika eLearning can make learning more personalized and less transactional, leveraging technology to deliver affordable new tools to students and teachers.

tablor“Some view digital technologies as a platform that educators can use to extend the reach of traditional teaching methods – a new venue to transmit lectures to students,” said Christina Watson, CEO of Via Afrika, a Naspers-owned firm. “We believe new technologies such as Tabtor will drive positive change in teaching methodologies, providing a new educational future in which teachers serve as facilitators, coaches and guides to give students a personalized learning experience.”

Tabtor leverages mobile technology with data analytics to create a GPS of learning that guides students along their own personalized learning pathways and in the Afrikaans language.

“We believe Tabtor can be a game-changer for South African parents, teachers and students,” Watson observed. “It can help students who are struggling develop a love for math and the skills to succeed. It can challenge our brightest students to reach higher. And it can help educators and parents transform the education system by combining 21st century technology with the human touch needed to spark learning and academic growth.”

The Via Afrika-Tabtor personalized learning solution is now available at the iTunes App Store for iPads and at Google Play for Android tablets. Via Afrika plans to eventually work with educators to integrate Tabtor tools into school curricula, potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of students.