Epson launches new versatile wireless projectors


536wi_04.pngEpson has launched a new line of projectors which are comparatively smaller in size, weigh less, and are compatible with smart phones and have wireless connectivity.

The models-EB-520, EB-525W, EB-530, EB-535W,  use 3LCD technology to deliver exceptional image quality with accurate colours. Have a high contrast ratio for clearer image detail and high brightness, meaning the screen can be clearly seen in brightly-lit classrooms and meeting rooms. A new short throw lens gives the projectors sharper images and improved focus.

Trevor Holt, Product Manager, Epson Europe, says: “These high-quality projectors offer schools and businesses a versatile solution, which can be installed in individual classrooms or shared between several rooms or campuses. They are the ideal replacement for older projectors or as an alternative to more expensive interactive whiteboards or ultra-short throw projectors.”

The new short-throw projectors promise superior-quality images and offer a range of clever features and are ideal for classrooms or small meeting rooms. They can also be wall or ceiling mounted or placed on a table close to the wall to free-up more workspace. The projectors are also easy to set up and a fit for institutions and corporate and need not the expertise of IT staff.

Users can be sure that they will get more for their money as the range includes a lamp designed to last 66% longer than previous equivalent models, giving the projectors a low total cost of ownership (TCO). An A/V mute function also saves power by dimming the lamp by 70% and allows users to pause a presentation and redirect the audience’s attention away from the screen for breakout discussions.

The projectors’ short-throw ratio also allows them to be placed closer to the wall, meaning less disruption from shadows and a reduction in glare.

Once the projector has been configured, the On Screen Display (OSD) settings can be copied from one projector to many others via USB dongle, USB cable or network so you don’t need to individually set up all additional projectors.

Comprehensive connectivity including HDMI, integrates the projector with the latest digital devices and legacy analogue products, meaning older hardware doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced.

The dual interactive pen capability means two users can annotate across the entire screen area simultaneously with each pen having separate attributes1.

The EB-520, EB-525W, EB-530, EB-535W, EB-536Wi are available from January 2015, priced at €835, €915, €915, €1,000, €1245, respectively.