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South Africa’s Augmented & Virtual Reality Startup SDK Raises $100K from US’s Rothenberg Ventures

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5491c0ab78f295e928ed4f5d_River-hero-6Just to get briefly into this-Augmented Reality can show users the real world around them but overlayed with graphics while Virtual Reality can do the same by use of pixels depicting no real world image or venue, it simply tricks your eye into thinking you are in a great new place.

SDK, a South African startup you probably never heard has been selected to join Rothenberg Ventures first accelerator class and will $100,000, a 3-month free office space in San Francisco coupled with networking and mentorship from investors, VR founders among others.

Operating in South Africa, Botswana, and Cameroon, SDK offers Industrial training in VR and says it is already making money selling industrial VR training courses that teach workers dangerous trades like mining before they actually are put in harm’s way.

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The firm recently won the TT 100 winner and has been pronounced as Africa’s leader in Augmented Reality, Eye/Facial tracking, Facial Recognition and Virtual Reality. Its Augmented Reality products do a digial overlay using cameras via image recognition, geo-location among others while its Eyeball & Facial Tracking gives firms the opportunity to see their work in the eyes of the consumer, through connecting with their audience, measuring their advertisement’s level of exposure as well as the nature of it.

With facial recognition, SDK says it can activate security to social programs while Virtual Reality is expected to change the way companies or individuals experience brands, products etc beyondt the games we play. The firm says VR is and will have the greatest impact in the leisure, travel, entertainment and education sectors.

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Other startups in the program include:

1.US’s DeepStream VR which builds VR games for pain relief and rehabilitation.
2. US’s EmergentVR which allows users to create, edit and share VR experiences with their friends.

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3.US’s Reload Studios, a gaming startup with crew from  Disney and Call Of Duty producing premium VR games.

4.US’ Vantage VR, digitizing live events and perfomances for attendees to get close to musicians or performers.
5.Canada’s DISCOVR Immersive learning experiences for exploring the ancient world.

6.US’s Emblematic Group, a VR startup for vivid text or videos.

7. Japan’s Fove, an Eye control VR startup.
8. Australia’s Triggar , which makes a 360-degree capture camera and system.

9. France’s Innerspace, which is making VR for entertainment beyond gaming.

10 .Argentina’s Thotwise A gaming studio startup building VR games.

11.Czech Republic’s Solirax, a platform that wants to disrupt the education sector using VR FOR exploration, discovery and creativity.


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